Eugene Kwok

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I have a busy civil practice covering general commercial litigation, contractual and transactional disputes, corporate insolvencies and restructuring cases, shareholder disputes, and contentious probate actions.  I also maintain an active portfolio in other areas including claims in tort, bankruptcy, employment disputes, intellectual property, shipping, personal injuries claims, and professional disciplinary proceedings.  

I frequently act in cases requiring an urgent freezing order over bank accounts, often where money has been misappropriated by international syndicates.  These freezing orders may be coupled with disclosure orders against the defendants as well as their bankers.  An example was the case of Anello Asset Management LLP v General Trading Credit Carbon (HCA 208/2013), where I acted for a UK plaintiff against a Greek defendant and its Hong Kong bankers. 

Most of my court work is done in the High Court, but I also represent clients before the District Court as well as specialist tribunals like the Trade Marks Registry, the Copyright Tribunal and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.  For example, I represented TVB before the Copyright Tribunal in Television Broadcasts Ltd v Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd & others (CT 2, 3 & 4 of 2009).

I often advise on and act in the liquidation or restructuring of companies and corporate groups.  These have included several large public companies like Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd, 3D-Gold Jewellery Holdings Ltd, FU JI Food and Catering Services Holdings Limited, and Starlight International Holdings Ltd (now known as Shihua Development Company Ltd), all of which are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  I also acted in the liquidation of Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd, a well known local electronic goods retail chain.

Prior to joining the Bar, I was a litigation solicitor with the Dispute Resolution Group of international law firm Baker & McKenzie, where I handled a large number of complex commercial disputes, insolvency actions, arbitrations, and securities and regulatory investigations.

I am on the Legal Aid Department's panel of barristers for contractual disputes and personal injuries litigation, as well as the Department of Justice’s panel of barristers for civil cases involving the Hong Kong Government.

Since 2011, I have at the invitation of the University of Hong Kong taken part as an assessor in its Commercial Dispute Resolution Advocacy Assessment, and taught Civil Litigation on a part-time basis for the University’s Postgraduate Certificate in Laws program.

For more information on my professional practice, including court cases I have conducted or for a copy of my CV, please feel free to contact me.



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