Eugene Kwok

Barrister  |  Counsel  |  Lawyer

About myself

I am a member of the Hong Kong Bar with a broad civil litigation practice.  

Barristers form one branch of the legal profession in Hong Kong (and many other common law jurisdictions), the other branch being solicitors (see section on 'Hong Kong' for more information).

Barristers and solicitors are both lawyers.  Neither is 'better' than the other. Instead, each focus on different aspects of legal work.  I was a solicitor for many years before joining the Bar.

Joining Baker & McKenzie

I graduated university with a Bachelors of Commerce (in accounting and finance) and a Bachelors of Laws (with first class honours) and joined international law firm Baker & McKenzie in 2000, qualifying as a solicitor in New South Wales, Australia in 2001, Hong Kong in 2002, and England & Wales in 2003.

Baker & McKenzie had a busy litigation practice.  My focus was with the firm's numerous general commercial litigation cases, corporate insolvencies, and securities and regulatory investigations. 

Many of the cases I did were interesting (and some high profile).  A memorable one was a re-possession case  of a client’s jet engines attached to a Boeing 747-200 flying over Europe en route to Hong Kong.  When it arrived, an urgent court order to prevent it from leaving was obtained, which was executed at Hong Kong International Airport.  The 747 was grounded.  A few days later, after the engines had cooled, they were removed and shipped back to the client in the United States.

Joining the Bar

In 2008, I decided to join the Bar and become a barrister in order to focus on court work, legal advice and legal drafting.  Given my background as a commercial litigator, I continue to do a lot of general commercial cases and corporate insolvencies.  However, I am also frequently instructed in other areas, such as employment disputes, intellectual property cases, personal injury and negligence claims, and probate disputes to name but a few (see section on ‘Experience’). 

I speak fluent English and Cantonese and am married with two children.

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